Innovation in Emerging Medical Devices

Health.E Lighthouse Symposium 8-9 March 2022

Innovation in medical devices

The paradigm shift towards more decentralized and personal healthcare is causing a breakdown of the former borders between MedTech, and the pharmaceutical and electronic components and systems industries. At these fading borders new medical domains are arising that hold great promise not only for patients, but also for industry.

However, innovation in electronic medical devices is slow. The Health.E lighthouse identified the lack of open technology platforms as one of the main causes. Open technology platforms have propelled innovation in the electronic consumer domain but are almost absent in the medical domain that is still largely relying on costly point solutions.

Health.E Symposium

During the past three years, the ECSEL JU Health.E lighthouse has explored the possibilities, advantages and issues associated with open technology platforms for emerging medical devices. Two workshops have been organized and two whitepapers have been published. The insights will be presented during this symposium. In addition, you can learn about:

  • The view of large compagnies, SMEs, RTOs and the commission on the implementation of innovation for medical devices;

  • How projects that are connected to the Health.E lighthouse implement OTPs for emerging medical domains;

  • OTPs for medical devices that are available right now!


HELoS project team, Health.E lighthouse liase.


8th (afternoon) and 9th (morning) of March 2022.


The conference center of the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven the Netherlands.

Click here for a site map and travel directions.


This symposium is a public event and free of charge, but only a limited number of seats is available, but registration is required (form below).


During the symposium the local COVID-19 regulations will be observed



8th March
  • 12:00 lunch

  • 13:00 session 1: Introduction, role of OTPs for innovation in electronic medical devices

  • 14:30 Break/Poster session Project presentations

  • 15:00 session 2: RTO perspective

  • 16:30 Poster session & reception
    (excursion optional)

  • 18:00 transfer to city center (bus)

  • 19:00 Walking dinner

9th March
  • 9:00 session 3: Industrial perspective

  • 10:30 break

  • 11:00 session 4: European / societal perspective & outlook

  • 12:30 walking lunch

  • 14:00 adjourn


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