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Innovations and new insights in technology and biology have triggered the emergence of completely new electronic medical devices and applications that provide answers to the call for a more decentralized and personalized healthcare. These emerging domains not only hold great promise for society and patients, but also for the ECS industry as they increasingly rely on the industry’s capabilities in microfabrication, miniaturization, and embedded intelligence in combination with high-volume, low-cost manufacturing. 

It is one of the central objectives of the Health.E lighthouse to create awareness among the ECS industry of these emerging opportunities in the medical domain. To come to an overview, the lighthouse has conducted a consultation amongst: RTOs, projects connected to the lighthouse and other stake holders. The overview is limited to technologies that in their broader sense are linked to the ECS industry.

Furthermore, the emerging medical domains are distinguished from innovative research ideas and concepts that are still at a low TRL level. For this whitepaper the following criteria that can be attributed to an emerging medical domain have been used. 

  • Disruptive in nature;

  • Demonstrated in a relevant setting;

  • Not in production or only a first pilot production;

  • Not integrated in clinical and pharmaceutical workflows.


This has resulted in an un-prioritized list.  In the next sections the emerging domains identified will be introduced, and their societal impact and relevance for the ECS industry will be highlighted. Each section ends with an analysis of the technology platforms needed to accelerate the pace of innovation for each particular domain.

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